Experiment in shrimp

US - With a Hawaiian shirt, a bleached white sun hat and a pair of tennis shoes, Dennis Eisenhour doesn&#39;t look like a typical farmer.</b> <br><br> And although he&#39;s raised raspberries and blackberries on a 24-acre field off Ohio 53 for a couple years, he has an additional crop that stands out even more than the shirt. <br><br> Eisenhour may well be the only freshwater shrimp farmer in Northwest Ohio. He is one of a growing number of farmers statewide who is experimenting in aquaculture, and although he&#39;s worked on the farm for a while now, this is the first season he&#39;ll be raising shrimp. <br><br> Bob Calala, president of Ohio&#39;s Aquaculture Association, said Eisenhour is the only man in Northwest Ohio who is trying to raise shrimp on a farm. He has invested a lot of money into the venture, and he expects to get a lot back. <br><br> <i>Source: Newspaper Network of Central Ohio</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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