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EuroTier: Unique Programme for Animal Husbandry


EU - This year over 2,300 exhibitors from 51 countries will be represented at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover for EuroTier 2012.

All the internationally leading companies from the cattle, pig and poultry sectors will be presenting a complete programme covering machinery, equipment, facilities and installations, as well as farm inputs and genetic resources. In addition visitors will find a broad aquaculture programme and, for the first time, a programme for professional horse stables too. With BioEnergy Decentral the world platform for decentralized energy supply is integrated into EuroTier once again. The exhibitors will be providing information about the entire bandwidth of technological developments in the field of bioenergy and renewable energy sources, as well as machinery and equipment for decentralized energy supply.

Furthermore the Federal Association of Practising Veterinarians (Bundesverband Praktizierender Tierrzte - bpt) will again be holding its annual congress and associated exhibition "Veterinarian medicine" 2012 overlapping with EuroTier at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover in 2012. With this programme EuroTier 2012 will be an indispensable source of information for international animal husbandry specialists. It is the world's leading exhibition for professional animal husbandry.

Growth in all areas New exhibition key areas concept

By comparison with previous years the stand bookings for EuroTier 2012 to date show a growth in the cattle, pig and poultry sectors. Furthermore, the programme in the cross-species exhibition sectors of climate control, feeds, animal health and veterinarian medicine as well as in other farm inputs has grown again too. The bioenergy sector with "BioEnergy Decentral" has also increased in size. In response to the additional demand on the part of exhibitors DLG has integrated six further halls, undertaken changes in the hall allocations and optimized the exhibition key areas concept. This gives visitors from all over the world ideal conditions for comparing the products and innovations in their specific fields of interest efficiently and easily.

For instance this year the poultry sector is concentrated in Halls 8 and 9, the pig sector in Halls 11 and 12, and the cattle sector in Halls 13, 25 and 27. The programme for the cross-species sectors is based in Halls, 14, 15, 16 ,17, 23 and 26, aquaculture in Hall 23, and BioEnergy Decentral chiefly in Halls 21, 22, 24 and partly in Halls 25 and 26. With this consistent and clear breakdown of the individual exhibition key areas between now altogether 16 halls, the setting up of seven entrances and a free shuttle bus service in the Exhibition Grounds, DLG guarantees visitors a clear overview, easy orientation and optimal use of their day at the exhibition in line with their own priorities.

Global innovations showcase

EuroTier is the largest European and world market for innovations in machinery, equipment and farm inputs for professional animal husbandry. This is impressively confirmed by the more than 300 innovations submitted to DLG. The number of submissions represents a new, absolute record level for EuroTier. It is worth noting that around half of the innovations registered come from exhibitors based outside Germany. This corresponds exactly to the ratio between German and non-German exhibitors at EuroTier 2012. The innovations submitted cover nearly all fields. The largest numbers of innovations were submitted for the fields of "Machinery and equipment for keeping and feeding - pig ", "Machinery and equipment for keeping and feeding - cattle ", "Farm inputs and machinery and equipment for their use", "Climate control and environmental systems and equipment", and for "Equipment, accessories and spare parts". A neutral and international Commission of Experts appointed by DLG will once again select Gold Medal and Silver Medal winners from among the EuroTier innovations submitted by exhibitors.

"TopTierTreff": top cattle genetics

The key prerequisites for forward-looking dairy farming include robust cows with a long life. That is why the subject of cattle genetics is becoming increasingly important. This year too EuroTier will be presenting a unique overview of top cattle breeding genetics in Europe. Leading German and international breeding organizations and companies will be showing their daughter animals at the "TopTierTreff" top cattle genetics show in Hall 27. They are using this unique platform to present their successful breeding results to a top-flight international expert public. Accordingly the "TopTierTreff" will once again be one of the magnetic draws for cattle farmers from home and abroad. Presentations will take place daily with a German commentary and at certain times with English and Russian commentaries too. The best daughter animals will be shown.

Aquaculture at EuroTier 2012

Aquaculture is a firm component of EuroTier. Leading companies in the industry will be presenting modern fish farming technology, keeping, ventilating and feeding technology and equipment, as well as feedstuffs, nets, and innovative processing, refining and water conditioning systems in Hall 23. DLG will once again be running a forum and an Aquaculture Advisory Centre to cater to the large demand for information in this special sector. Lectures on practical questions, discussions and extensive advisory services will supplement the programme presented by the exhibitors.

Programme for professional horse stables
At EuroTier 2012 professional agricultural horse stables will also be able to gather information about the top technologies in the areas of stable and hall construction, machinery and equipment for keeping and feeding, loaders and lift trucks, as well as pasture management, questions of animal identification, litter materials, breeding, medical and grooming supplies, and all aspects of management and business administration. The programme presented by exhibitors will be complemented on Wednesday, 14 November 2012, by a symposium conducted by the German Equestrian Federation (FN) entitled "Cost efficient horse husbandry a challenge". Furthermore, the FN exhibition stand will serve as a port of call. Here FN experts will be available on each day throughout the exhibition to answer questions and provide information. The programme will be rounded off by daily expert discussions on topical issues of particular interest to professional horse stable operators.

"BioEnergy Decentral" the global meeting place for decentralized energy supply

The global meeting place for decentralized energy supply, "BioEnergy Decentral", can also boast a 15 percent growth. Altogether 450 specialist exhibitors and a further 200 exhibitors with product ranges addressing both animal husbandry and bioenergy specialists will be presenting an extremely extensive programme covering the entire bandwidth of technological developments in the field of renewable energies, as well as machinery, installations and equipment for decentralized energy supply. Methods of using renewable energies with a focus on bioenergy as well as fossil energy sources will be on show.

A special hallmark of "BioEnergy Decentral" is the bringing together of the various technologies and market partners in this increasingly dynamic market. An attractive technical programme will complement the programme provided by the exhibitors. It includes two expert forums in which events on various themes will be presented every hour. Further highlights will be the Specials "Demand-driven Power Generation" and "Heat Utilization Concepts". Furthermore, a new exhibition sector on the theme "Smart Energy" will be developed in cooperation with the publishing company "Energie & Management". The focus of this new sector will be on technologies and services for optimizing power generation and consumption and the necessary networking of trade and industry under the conditions of decentralized energy supply. BioEnergy Decentral is being implemented in close cooperation with VDMA Power Systems and the Association of Local Utilities (VKU).

bpt Congress again congruent with EuroTier

The Federal Association of Practising Veterinarians (Bundesverband Praktizierender Tierrzte - bpt) will hold its annual congress and associated specialist exhibition Veterinarian Medicine to overlap with EuroTier at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover once again in 2012 too. An "International Animal Health Event" organized jointly by DLG and bpt will again serve as meeting place and contact forum for veterinarians from all over the world, as well as providing a link between EuroTier and the bpt Congress.

Special "Feed Gallery"

Europe's dairy, meat and egg production requires large quantities of high quality feeds. Their availability, quality and value for money significantly influence the profitability of animal husbandry, animal health and the quality of products of animal origin. Furthermore, considerable environmental impacts are connected with the nutrient conversion of feeds into animal products or "improvement" as it is known (consumption of natural resources, emissions). The wide range and broad basis of raw materials (feed materials) for animal husbandry are being shown to visitors in Hall 17 at EuroTier 2012.

The most important of the over 600 feedstuffs listed in EU feed law and Germany's positive list will be presented in a "Feed Gallery" with a profile of their provenance and quality. In addition, selected topical questions concerning feed supply, quality and quality assurance as well as ecological effects will be addressed, broken down into the various feed groups. A further segment of the Special will demonstrate how raw materials for feeding productive animals are refined by means of hydrothermal treatment so that they can be used more efficiently, and how needs-driven and optimized feed rations or complete feeds result from the many different individual feedstuffs to be found in the broad feed base. The "Feed Gallery" Special will allow expert visitors to get to know new and uncommon feedstuffs more closely and to find answers to their own questions regarding the quality and suitability of certain feedstuffs.

"Animal Welfare Info Centre"

With its "Animal Welfare Info Centre", DLG is for the first time offering a discussion platform on socially critical topics at EuroTier 2012. Two round-table discussion panels with professional presenters will be held daily in Hall 26. The panels will include both experts and representatives of social groupings. These discussion events will be supplemented by information islands on the subject of animal welfare in animal husbandry and management. All this will provide exhibition visitors with topical and practical knowledge about the many aspects of the focal theme of "Animal welfare" and be able to share ideas about adequate and viable solutions with experts.

Special "Wellness in Farrowing Units"

A Special "Wellness in Farrowing Units" organized jointly by BFL (Baufrderung Landwirtschaft - an organization devoted to promoting agricultural building construction and optimizing livestock management conditions) and DLG at EuroTier 2012 shows current developments for modern and resource-conserving piglet production. Various forms of piggery construction and installations, floor design, climate control, and hygiene and health management will be shown by way of example in Hall 11. As well as conventional methods, alternative husbandry modes that give the sows greater freedom of movement will be presented.

In the farrowing house it is important to find compromises between the needs of sow and piglets on the one hand and labour safety and cost efficiency for farmers on the other. The BFL/DLG Special shows options based on scientific studies and innovations from the piggery outfitting industry. As a highlight at EuroTier, modern animal husbandry will thus demonstrate the performance capability of the industry and of the farming sector.

Future forum covering all areas of professional animal husbandry

EuroTier is the most important future forum for all aspects of professional animal husbandry. Traditionally this is where technology trends are pointed up and all major questions concerning modern animal husbandry and animal breeding are addressed. Together with partners from the fields of business, academia, consultancy, trade associations and organizations, DLG is presenting a comprehensive technical programme again this year too to complement offerings by exhibitors. It includes international conferences and events on current trends and key developments in the industry. The events planned include:

  • International Poultry Day on 12 November 2012 with a lecture conference organized by the Central Association of German Poultry Producers (ZDG), the European Poultry Club (EPC) and DLG entitled 10 Years of European Poultry Production Yesterday Today Tomorrow. This will be followed by the International EuroTier Poultry Event.

  • International EuroTier Dairy Event on 12 November 2012.

  • International EuroTier Pig Event with the 3rd Chinese-European Pig Summit on 12 November 2012.

  • Eastern Europe Conference on 14 November 2012.

  • International Animal Health Event on 15 November 2012.

  • Congress of Young Animal Farmers on 15 November 2012.

In addition, at forum events dedicated to the specific animal species, representatives from the fields of research and academia, consultancy, industry and practical farming will be discussing current trends and important developments in interesting focal areas.

Young Farmers Day

Once again at EuroTier 2012 too there will be a Young Farmers Day for young farmers and students of agriculture from home and abroad. As well as a visit to EuroTier on 15 November 2012, the programme includes job forums, a congress of young animal farmers and meeting points for getting to know each other and exchanging experiences. The highlight will be the Young Farmers Party.

Multilingual information on the internet

DLG has created a special, multilingual information service on the internet so that users can obtain comprehensive information about EuroTier 2012 quickly and easily. The information is available in German as well as in English and partly in a number of other languages too. The EuroTier website can be found at

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