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Eurostat Publishes Annual Pocketbook

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EU - Eurostat has published its pocketbook, 'Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry Statistics: Main results 2010-11', detailing a wide range of statistics from the 27 Member States.

The pocketbook Agricultural Statistics presents selected tables and graphs providing an overview on developments and the situation in the agricultural sector of the European Union. The most recent data are presented here (reference years 2010 and 2011, mostly) showing the situation in the 27 Member States and at the European level (EU-27 aggregates) as well as in EFTA and Candidate Countries when available.

This pocketbook, intended for both generalists and specialists, is divided into eight parts:

  • As 2012 marks the 50th birthday of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), for which Eurostat has been providing harmonised statistics since the beginning, the preliminary chapter provides a selection of long time series of harmonised agricultural statistics that were used for the monitoring of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Chapter 1 presents the results of the last agricultural census at European level
  • Chapter 2 covers the economy of the agricultural industry and presents data on output and input values, income indicators and main price trends
  • Chapter 3 presents the most recent data on agricultural production i.e. meat and milk production, cereals, main crops, fruit and vegetable production and also some data on vineyards and olive trees
  • Chapter 4 provides some important indicators related to the interaction between agriculture and the environment
  • Chapter 5 presents data on the context of rural development, making use of the urban-rural typology
  • Chapter 6 gives an overview on fishery catches, landings of fishery products, aquaculture production and fishing fleets, and
  • Finally, chapter 7 provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent data on forestry.

More detailed data as well as methodological information can be found on the Eurostat web site [click here]. This web site offers free access to the Eurostat's dissemination database, predefined tables, methodological documents and other publications of Eurostat.

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You can view the full pocketbook by clicking here.
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