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European shrimp deal no small victory

CANADA - Canada has won a partial victory with the European Union over tariffs imposed on shrimp, one of the most popular types of seafood exported to the United Kingdom.

Fisheries conservation ambassador Loyola Sullivan is applauding a new deal that exempts more Canadian shrimp from a higher EU tariff.

Most Canadian shrimp is hit with a 20 per cent tariff when it enters EU ports, with a small amount subject to a lower six per cent tariff.

A deal announced this week will double the amount of shrimp eligible for exemption under the lower tariff rate, from 10,000 tonnes to 20,000 tonnes.

Loyola Sullivan, Canada's ambassador for fisheries conservation, said the change is good news, but that Canada would like a better and more permanent arrangement for shrimp exports.

"It's a very positive sign that the doors are opening up into the European Community," Sullivan told CBC News.

The three-year deal applies only to cooked and peeled shrimp, with EU negotiators still angling to keep processing jobs in Europe. Processed shrimp is automatically assessed the highest tariff.