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EU Inspections Could Jeopardise Export Trade

EU - The European Union is debating the inspection of all frozen shrimp containers shipped from Bangladesh in an effort to detect potential disease problems.

The move could seriously hamper the Bangladesh's second largest export earner, says a report in the country's Daily Star.

The EU currently inspects shrimp containers from Bangladesh on a random basis. Frozen seafood exporters believe that if the EU tests all containers from Bangladesh, it will take about two months to reach buyers from EU ports, which will encourage buyers to switch to other countries.

The EU plans to discuss the issue of testing every shrimp container from Bangladesh at a meeting on 2 April 2008 in Brussels.

Both the government and exporters said they hope the EU will not impose such a decision since Bangladesh is trying to comply with the EU standards for shrimp export.

“We've bought a testing machine worth Tk 3.5 crore as per the EU suggestions. The machine has been installed and operated by local technicians trained in India,” said a leading shrimp exporter preferring anonymity.

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