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Environment At Risk From Expanding Shrimp Sector

NIGERIA - Shrimp may be important to the menu and economy but it is feared that expansion of Nigeria's shrimp farming sector will devastate the environment.

Many developing countries in Asia and Latin America have seen significant environmental damage as a result of expanding shrimp production. The ponds used to cultivate shrimp and the chemicals used have proved injurious to the soil.

Reports on the All Africa website say that shrimp production methods that employed in these developing countries, are generating a public outcry and these concerns are being voiced in Nigeria.

Spearheaded by Sulalanka, a Srilankan company, Asians are making frantic efforts to start this Shrimp business in Nigeria and this could spell disaster to the nation. Soon there may be no land for conventional food cultivation as ponds will be dug, used, abandoned and new ones dug and the process will go on.

The Niger Delta environment which has been fragmented, deforested and degraded by the oil and gas industry and other related industrial activities, is at significant risk from industrial shrimp farming. The enterprise has presidential support from the Obasanjo and is being encouraged.

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