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Entrepreneur touts benefits of aquaculture

ANTIGUA & BARBUDA - Aquaculture or what is also known as fish farming can lead to various economic benefits and can also encourage food security in Antigua and Barbuda.

This is according to Dr. Evelyn Weekes, an aqua-culturist entrepreneur who also said that the activity can bring a big boost to the economy of Antigua and Barbuda.

Fish farming was started in Antigua three years ago in Collins by Weekes who is also a retired university professor.

Weekes explained to the Antigua Sun that fish farming is done in an environmentally friendly and safe manner. “So it has to be combined with agriculture so that the waste from the aquaculture is captured by vegetables using the effluents from the fish tank to grow vegetables and that is termed aqua-ponics,” Weekes said.

The raising and selling of fish on a commercial basis has proven to be economically successful throughout the world. “Fish farming will also help to diversify the economy,” Weekes added.

Source: Antigua Sun