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Economic report shows strong business confidence in the Scottish salmon farming industry

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​A new report published today shows strong business confidence in the Scottish salmon farming industry. According to the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) findings, employment is up by 13%, capital investment remains steady at £63M for the second year running and over £390M was spent last year in the Scottish supply chain.

The economic impact is particularly evident in the Highlands and Islands where £164M was spent directly with local businesses. In total, wages increased by 5% to a total of almost £75M.

Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation said "Scottish salmon is now both Scotland’s and the UK’s top food export and the wholesale recognition of its quality and provenance has continued to boost industry’s investment confidence. For the second year, capital investment is sitting at £63M and nearly 3,500 Scottish companies are benefiting from doing business with salmon farmers. I’m especially pleased to see more recruitment and that 91% of jobs are full-time.

"This is a major boost for the Scottish economy, but for the Highlands and Islands it is a vital economic and social support. In addition to the business of salmon farming and the demonstrable benefits that brings, the industry is also committed to supporting local communities where staff and their families live and work."

This report shows our salmon sector is thriving economically, increasing the number of full-time jobs, supporting communities and generating significant levels of investment.

The industry is a key part of Scotland’s rural economy and this government is committed to supporting the sector to explore new approaches which will continue sustainable and productive growth in the future.

Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing

Salmon farming companies engage with local communities to support and sponsor civic, sport and community activities. Companies allow staff time off to volunteer for vital local services such as mountain rescue and the fire service. By sharing facilities, time, expertise and providing financial assistance salmon farming supported communities to the value of £735,000.

The industry’s long-term commitment to the Highlands and Islands and its workforce is also seen in the continued skills and training programmes with 111 young people on Modern Apprenticeships or National Progression Awards schemes.