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Eco-Friendly Shrimp Production at Kauai Farm

KAUAI - A shrimp farm on the Pacific island of Kauai is both an ecological project and a sustainable industry for the islanders.

According to a Earth Sea Project report the farm produces the shrimp through three different larval stages and once they reach a size of one centimeter,they are harvested and taken to a nursery tank.

The shrimp are grown without the use of growth hormones, additives, antibiotics of chemicals.

After 22 days, the tiny creatures are transferred into an outdoor pond, for about six weeks.

Then they are taken down the road to the final grow out facility. Several ponds, powered by the ocean where it is another 18 weeks before theyo reach their final market size.

The bulk of the shrimp are harvested at night by pumps and then immediately put on ice, and taken to the processing facility in Hanapepe.

Specialists with Fresh Island Fish, the company that manages the farm, acknowledge, aquaculture will never fully replace fishing.

But the report says that by farming shrimp, and soon, other species, they say they will relieve the pressure from the natural resources, which will ultimately help re-plenish the ocean's wild stock.

View the KHNL Earth Sea Project Report by clicking here.
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