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EC Approves Hungary Fisheries Fund

HUNGARY - The European Commission recently approved the Operational Programme for the Hungarian fisheries industry for the period 2007-2013.

The total eligible public expenditure of the programme amounts to € 46,840,816, with EU assistance through the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) amounting to € 34,850,860.

€ 34,291,357 of the EFF assistance will be allocated to the convergence objective regions of the Republic of Hungary: the North-Great Plain Region, North Hungary Region, South-Great Plain Region, South-Transdanubia Region, West-Transdanubia region and Central Transdanubian Region. € 559,503 of EFF assistance shall be allocated to the non-convergence regions: Central Hungary Region - Budapest and Pest County.

The purpose and aim of the EU investment

During the previous programming period 2004–2006, Hungary received € 4.39 million under the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance. As a result, 44 projects had been supported by the end of 2007.

The new EU programme for 2007–2013 aims to build on the success of the previous programme and consolidate the preconditions for a sustainable and competitive fisheries and aquaculture sector that respects the environment and meets the demands of consumers and the food industry.

Priority axes

Priority 1: Adaptation of the EU fishing fleet - Not applicable

Priority 2: Aquaculture, inland fishing, processing and marketing of fishery and aquaculture products

The objectives of this axis are to modernise and construct aquaculture production installations, improve working conditions and maintain jobs; and increase productivity and effectiveness in fish processing, primarily through the enhancement and modernisation of processing facilities.

The main measures used will be productive investments in aquaculture, aqua-environmental measures, inland fishing, and investments in processing and marketing.

Priority 3: Measures of common interest

The objectives of this axis are to enhance natural aquatic habitats and to reduce the overpopulation of invasive fish species; to develop technical skills; to encourage partnership between researchers and operators in the fisheries sector; and to promote fisheries and aquaculture products on the Hungarian market.

The main measures used will be collective actions, protection and development of aquatic fauna and flora, development of new markets and promotional campaigns, and pilot projects.

Priority 4: Sustainable development of fisheries areas - Not applicable

Priority 5: Technical assistance

Support is provided under this axis so as to ensure that the management, control and monitoring systems of the operational programme function efficiently and that the programme and aid are implemented in an appropriate manner.