Eased Rules On Chemical Hearten Fish Farmers

CANADA - British Columbia&#39;s salmon-farming industry is welcoming a decision by Health Canada to relax its rules and allow trace levels of a controversial chemical, malachite green, in fish products for human consumption.</B> <br><br> The Canadian Food Inspection Agency relaxed its zero-tolerance policy on Tuesday and said it will now allow malachite green, a potential carcinogen, up to a level of 1 part per billion in domestic and imported seafood, including farmed and wild fish. <br><br> The agency said the ruling is temporary, pending further research. However, the decision has given some breathing room to the West Coast fishery, which had worried that a zero-tolerance policy would harm fish farming and commercial fishing. <br><br> In a news release, Health Canada said it had conducted a scientific assessment on the risk to public health associated with trace levels of MG, and had concluded that &quot;the probability of serious adverse health consequences associated with the daily consumption of fish containing trace amounts of malachite remote.&quot; <br><br> <i>Source: The Globe and Mail</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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