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DEFRA confirms top jobs

UK - DEFRA has announced its ministerial portfolios and the split of responsibilities:

  • Minister Phil Woolas takes reponsibility for: International Climate Change Mitigation and Energy (including Forestry,Domestic Climate Change Mitigation and Energy,Climate Change Bill, Water (including Nitrates Directive), Flooding, Sustainable Development, Fuel Poverty, Radioactive Waste, GMOs/Nanotechnology,Chemicals and Pesticides.

  • Chairman of Green Ministers is Jeff Rooker, who will take care of: Food and Farming, Animal Health and Welfare, Better Regulation and Departmental Administration. He is also deputry for the Agriculture and Fisheries Council.

  • Joan Ruddock takes an environmental brief and will be responsible for: the Climate Change Bill, Domestic Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Citizen Engagement, Environmental Transformation Fund International and Waste and Recycling. She deputises at the Environment Council and will also be responsible for the sponsorship of Kew, Biodiversity, Ecosystems Services, Environmental Regulation and Domestic Forestry

  • Jonathan Shaw will support Lord Rooker in Food and Farming and Animal Health and Welfare. He will also have responsibility for: Marine and Fisheries, Rural Affairs, Coastal and Wider Access, Local and Regional Government (including Air Quality and Local Environment Quality), British Waterways, National Parks, Land Management, Soils, Rural Development Programme for England and Landscape.