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DEFA Announce New Conservation Measures

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ISLE OF MAN, UK - The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) announced last week new crab and lobster conservation measures.

Minister John Shimmin signed the new by-law which brings in a number of new conservation measures in the 0-3 mile zone of the Territorial Sea that will bring long term benefits to crab and lobster stocks.

“The by-law brings into effect a requirement for all pots to carry escape panels, which will allow undersized crab and lobsters, and other organisms, to leave a pot, rather than be subject to fighting, predation and damage as can be the case when they have no way out,” Mr Shimmin said.

“In addition, the requirement for all pots to carry official tags will serve as a deterrent to fishing more than the maximum number of 300 pots per vessel, as well as assisting to identify illegal or lost pots.”

"Whilst I am disappointed that I am currently unable to extend this by-law to cover the whole of the Isle of Man Territorial Sea, these measures will nevertheless go some way to assisting the protection of our valuable crab and lobster stocks, whilst continuing to allow young fishermen to enter the fishery without need to purchase expensive quota or licences,” he continued.

Juan Turner MLC, Member for Fisheries added: “We have been working with the industry to bring in these by-laws for quite some time. The process of extending this to the full 12 mile limit requires UK concurrence which is being progressed. I am delighted we are able to bring in these important measures and look forward to having them extended to 12 miles as soon as possible.”