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Cyclone Sweeps Fish Prices Up By 200%

BAHRAIN - Fish prices have shot up by over 200 per cent with some fish like hamour being hard to find. The shortage has been attributed to the rough seas caused by cyclone Gonu, says fishermen.

“I have not gone fishing in the deep seas since Tuesday when Gonu hit Oman,” said Mohammed Shahid a Bangladeshi fisherman from Muharraq, “My boss advised me to be safe and fish in shallow waters closer to land.”

Mohammed said that in the shallow waters he was able to catch only small fish and crabs, “For the bigger fish I would have to go to deeper waters but my boss and crew were not willing to go further.”

A few fishermen said that they had ventured out deeper in an attempt to catch fish, “But we still stayed close to land,” said one fisherman who requesting anonymity. “I did not catch much fish. I got a few big hamours. The rest was just small Safi and other fish.”

Marzooq Salman, the former chairman of Bahrain Fishermen’s Society said that in Sitra the fishermen had not gone fishing for three days.

“If they don’t go out soon there will be a problem,” he said meaning that there would soon be a shortage of fresh fish in Bahrain’s markets.

Source: Bahrain Tribune