Cyclone Larry Hits Prawn Farmers Badly

AUSTRALIA - Flooding is now causing havoc in Queensland between Cairns and Townsville, in the aftermath of cyclone Larry.</b> <br><br> Innisfail recorded 289 millimetres of rain in the 24 hours to 9am AEST, with most coastal areas receiving more than 100 millimetres. <br><br> The floods have devastated the region&#39;s prawn farming industry, which supplies 40 per cent of the Australian market. <br><br> Scott Walter from the Australian Prawn Farmers Association says there are huge losses due to flood damage and loss of power. <br><br> &quot;Basically we have power to run our freezers where the stock is kept,&quot; Mr Walter said. <br><br> &quot;We&#39;ve got power that run aerators in our ponds, which keep the oxygen levels up to a point where the prawns are capable of basically growing and surviving, so if we lose the ability to oxygenate our ponds we&#39;ll lose our crops, and if the freezers go down for too long and the seals are broken, the temperatures will drop and we&#39;ll have to destroy the stock because it&#39;ll no longer be safe for food.&quot; <br><br> <i>Source: ABC Rural</i>

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