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Conference On Antibiotics In Aquaculture

CANADA - A one day session focussing on the stewardship of antibiotics in aquaculture in Canada has been planned for November.

The Stewardship of Antibiotics in Aquaculture - Canadian Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Conference: How is Canada doing and what still needs to be done?, will be a one-day session Tuesday 1 November 2011.

The session, for which one day registration is available, is part of a larger three-day national conference (30 October to 2 November), on Antimicrobial Stewardship in Canadian Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Conference: How is Canada doing and what still needs to be done?

In this session some of the most current research in antimicrobial resistance and antimicrobial stewardship will be presented by leading experts in the field in North America and internationally.

Dr Peter Smith of the National University of Ireland will give an international perspective on antimicrobial stewardship issues in aquaculture.

Data on the levels of antimicrobial resistance in retail seafood and fish in Canada will be presented by Dr Nicol Janecko from the CIPARS group of the Public Health Agency of Canada and by Dr Carl Uhland, Universit de Montral.

This will be followed by Diane Morrison of Marine Harvest Canada who will discuss antimicrobial drug use in aquaculture.

In the afternoon, Dr David Scarfe will discuss prudent antibiotic use guideline development and implementation in aquaculture, and Wendy Sealey will discuss alternatives to antibiotics.

Finally, Dr Manisha Mehrotra from the Veterinary Drugs Directorate, Health Canada, will discuss the drug approval process and moves at harmonisation in a North American-wide context.

The day will conclude with a group discussion facilitated by the Co-Chairs, Drs J T. McClure of the University of Prince Edward island and Carl Uhland on impediments to reducing antibiotic use and effective next steps for improving antibiotic stewardship in aquaculture, as well as how to communicate the message of antibiotic stewardship.

Everyone using antibiotics in aquaculture will find this an informative, understandable, dynamic and interactive national conference.

The Antimicrobial Stewardship conference is designed for farmers and veterinarians, the animal health industry, the medical community, policy makers and regulators, agricultural extension staff, researchers, educators, consultants and others with an interest in the sustainability of antimicrobial drugs.

The conference will be at the Toronto Marriott Airport Hotel, 30 October 2 November, 2011. Details including registration on

Contact: Conference secretariat (519) 263 5050; Bobbi Hoffman, The Bayley Group.