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Collapsed Dam Ruins Indonesian Fish Farms

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INDONESIA - More than one hundred fish farmers, grouped together as the Petani Jaring Apung Budi Daya Air Tawar (Pejabat), have lost their livelihoods following the collapse of the Situ Gintung dam.

“We suffered a total of Rp 1.55 billion (US$135,000) in losses and we have reported it to the Banten provincial Fishery Agency,” Pejabat secretary Isdarman, told The Jakarta Post at Pulau Gintung recently.

He said Pejabat had a total of 108 members and 427 floating bamboo cages (keramba), locally known as waring. The farmers raised nila and mujair (types of tilapia), patin (catfish) and gurami (freshwater carp) in the southern waters of the lake.

“The group members depend on the fish crops, which account for 70 percent of the groups income, because they don’t have other jobs to feed their families,” Isdarman, who is also a teacher at a state junior high school, said.