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Cleansing Aquaculture of its Bad Press

UK - A negative image of aquaculture has been portrayed in the English media recently. Authors have been quick to highlight instances of bad practice, both social and environmental, but there is a danger that the public may be misled into believing that these instances of bad practice are the whole story.

They most certainly are not, wrote Mike Parker for the Guardian. According to Mr Parker, in a new era of rising food prices and possible emerging food shortages, caused by increasing population and climate change, aquaculture will be an important tool in helping combat the problem and feed the global population - especially in south Asia and China.

"In China, the farming of carp is one of the largest examples in the world of a low-intensive, very old food production technology providing essential good quality protein to rural populations. In Europe, we have the Scottish and Norwegian salmon farming industries, both very important in economic and food terms. These industries are very sensitive to criticism of their practices, and are constantly raising environmental standards." He wrote.

Fish is an excellent food - very healthy, with high-quality protein and low in fat. It is an integral part of a healthy diet and is seen as an aspirational food in the developing world. With declining wild fish stocks, the only way to produce more fish is by various forms of aquaculture.

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