Chinese fish no threat, says US official

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
15 May 2007, at 1:00am

US - The director of Mississippi's Poison Control Centre has said that the Chinese catfish suspected of being tainted with outlawed antibiotics poses no threat to human health.

Dr. Robert Cox said he's so sure the fish is safe that' he'd give it to his family.

“Would I personally worry about eating this? No. Although I'm not advocating that we eat Asian catfish either, I'm just saying I'm not worried that there's a danger there,” said Dr Cox.

Contaminated catfish has been pulled from supermarket shelves across the state after tainted samples were found by officials. Lester Spell, the state's Agriculture and Commerce commissioner, said last week that hundreds of grocery stores have been inspected and that many have removed the fish from sale voluntarily after hearing test results.

A grocery store owner in Starkville, where the contaminated fish was discovered, said he plans to continue selling catfish. Although he admits he buys from a regional vendor and has little control in terms of the country of origin.

“We have sent that fish back to the vendor,” said Abrahim Micha, owner of Mac's Meat Market in Starkville.

“But I have no way of knowing where it's coming from. I just buy based on the price, and getting the best price for my customers,” added Micha.