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China's Fishery Meets With Argentinean Delegation


CHINA - The Chinese Director General from the Bureau of Fisheries, met with the Argentinean delegation on fishery headed by the Under Secretary of State and Chairman of the Fishery Committee of Argentina last week.

The two sides exchanged opinions on fishery cooperation, and conducted consultations on the agreement of bilateral cooperation of fishery to be signed soon.

It was acknowledged that the two countries had boasted time-honored cooperation despite the long distance lying in between. Cooperation in fishery between enterprise sectors has been going on for over a decade, promoting the development of fishery industries of the two countries with enhanced communications and mutual understandings.

Argentina enjoys rich fishery resources along the lengthy coastline, with many ports suitable for vessel repair and supply, leading to promising prospects for bilateral cooperation on fishery.

The two sides agreed after consultations to incorporate fishery cooperation under the framework of inter-governmental cooperation, to provide more guidance to non-governmental cooperation on fishery.

Cooperation on fishing, processing and aquaculture will be established with exchange mechanisms of research and management. It is hoped that the agreement on cooperation of fishery will facilitate the strategic cooperation on fishery between the two countries to reach a higher level.