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Chilean Distribution Deal Opens Up South American Market

CHILE - The Norwegian company Immunocorp Animal Health has signed a distribution agreement with the Chilean company Europharma to market the immuno-stimulant MacroGard.

The contract gives Chilean fish farmers access to the health product which delivers a new concept for the prevention of diseases.

The Chilean market represents a long term market potential both companies with an estimated to US$5 million in annual sales.

The Chilean fish farming industry is currently suffering severe losses due to diseases - primarily infectious salmon anemia (ISA). Many in the secTOr believe significant changes are needed in production management for the industry to become sustainable .

As with most intensive livestock production, salmon farming faces significant challenges from disease. But in aquaculture, it can be extremely difficult to control bacterial and viral pathogens transported via the water.

So far some of the diseases have been controlled using efficacious vaccines and antibiotics, but new diseases are emerging every year. There are also heightened consumer concerns about drug use, food safety and environmental protection. Immuno-stimulant technology is beginning to offer alternative therapies which are proving both successful and more acceptable within the market.

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