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Caviar Plant Developed

GERMANY - While caviar has become one of the rarest and most valuable delicacies, sturgeon populations in the wild have been over fished so that now the huge demand can only be satisfied with sustainable aquaculture.

United Food Technologies AG (UFT), which has many years of experience in the sector, this week delivered a turnkey aquaculture plant to an operator in Germany.

The operators of the newly launched aquaculture plant in Jessen, Germany commissioned UFT with the complete planning, development and implementation.

Following several months of construction, the plant - already scheduled to produce its first caviar this year - was launched in the presence of more than 250 guests from the economic and political sectors.

About 30 000 sturgeons (Acipenser Baerii Siberian sturgeon) were previously bred specifically for the plant on behalf of UFT and transported to Jessen by costly live transport.

UFT CEO Christoph Hartung said: "High profitability of the plant, protection of resources, sustainability and quality of the product are harmonized using our unique technology."

Over fishing of the populations in the wild has made sturgeon and caviar a rarity. More and more commercial enterprises, caterers, hotels and airlines rely on good quality produce from aquaculture. Concerning the marketing of the plant's products, UFT offers operators and investors innovative and complete solutions, right up to bringing the products onto the market. For instance, the company entered into a partnership with Petrossian, one of the oldest and most renowned caviar trading houses worldwide.