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23 November 2006, at 12:00am

US - Total catfish feed delivered in the United States during October 2006 was 57,653 tons, down14 percent from October 2005 and 52 percent below the previous month.

October 2006 Catfish Feed Deliveries Down 14 Percent From Last Year

Foodsize fish feed delivered totaled 54,011 tons, down 16 percent for the corresponding month a year ago. Feed delivered for fingerlings and broodfish totaled 3,642 tons, up 16 percent for the corresponding month a year ago.

Catfish feed delivered to catfish growers during the January-October period totaled 751,414 tons, up 2 percent from the corresponding period in 2005. For this period 94 percent of the total feed delivered to catfish growers was for foodsize catfish.

October feed delivered to Mississippi catfish growers for foodsize fish totaled 25,533 tons, down 14 percent from last year and accounted for 47 percent of the total foodsize catfish feed delivered to U.S. farmers.

The other major States with catfish feed deliveries for foodsize fish in October and their comparison to the previous year were: Alabama with 12,181 tons, down 27 percent; Arkansas with 8,994 tons, down 16 percent from last year; and Louisiana with 1,689 tons, down 46 percent.

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