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Canadian Salmon Collapse Starts Fish Farm Domino

CANADA - As Canadian salmon stocks collapse a new film is set to discuss the importance of salmon for the environment, economy, and cultures.

The film examines historic impacts on Canadian wild salmon, culminating in fish farm devastation on the coast, and new threats on the horizon, including the pine beetle and private river power projects on potentially hundreds of rivers and streams.

The collapse of Canadian wild salmon should be both a federal and provincial election issue - at the top of the agenda. "Losing our salmon and the indigenous communities who depend on them would represent one of the greatest political failures in Canadian history - for all levels of government", says Save our Rivers Society, "Ask your candidates in the federal, municipal and provincial elections where they stand stand on fish farms and protecting our wild salmon, rivers and environment."

As esteemed fish biologist Alexandra Morton - along with partners from the eco-tourism and commercial fishing industries, and a large group of supporters - takes on the province's right to regulate and license fish farms in the BC Supreme Court, the Grizzlies in the Glendale River are starving amidst the collapse of a once prolific salmon run.

These grizzlies, who come to the Glendale River in Knight Inlet - home to more commercial fish farms than any other place on the coast - could expect up to a million salmon to return to this river less than a decade ago. This year there will be fewer than 10,000, leaving the bears to feed on sedge grass and what little marine critters they can find under rocks - in lieu of their staple salmon diet.