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Canada to Catch up with Fish Farming

CANADA - There's been a lot of attention given to the regulation -- and overall sustainability -- of the salmon farming industry in BC and across in Canada.

Without aquaculture, the United Nations forecasts a global seafood shortage of 50 to 80 million tonnes by 2030, reports

Aquaculture must play a key role in the supply of healthy proteins for a growing global population.

Canada. com reports that new studies in Norway found salmon farming can be a net fish protein producer. Results show that 1.2 kg of fish protein was produced for each kilogram of fish protein used in the feed. This came by substituting vegetable proteins, and the level of Omega-3 fatty acids in the salmon was not reduced.

Canada's aquaculture industry, which generates more than $969 million annually and employs 16,000 people, grows a lot more than salmon. Our industry offers more than a dozen types of fresh seafood -- everything from oysters to rainbow trout -- year 'round.

It's time we used the sea as farmers, instead of hunters.