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British Tilapia on the Menu at Billingsgate Sustainability Awards

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UK - The Fish Company has been invited to participate in the Celebration of Sustainable Fish and Shellfish event to be held at Billingsgate Market on the 21 November. The company will be presenting its British tilapia, which is farmed to the very highest environmental standards, on its farms in Lincolnshire.

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Organised by the Billingsgate Seafood School, the event focuses on the positive side of responsible sourcing and sustainability and will also include tastings of all the six species being featured on the day. The day will conclude with one of the species being awarded The Billingsgate School Sustainable Fish and Shellfish Award.

Lucy Haxton from The Fish Company explained why they are so pleased to be taking part: The Fish Company prides itself on the ethical and sustainable way it is producing fresh British tilapia. We believe that our approach to tilapia production means we can help meet the increasing demand for white fish, whilst preserving natural resources."

"The fresh tilapia we produce is 100 per cent British and 100 per cent traceable, with proven provenance. It is fed on feed which is completely GM free and compared to imported tilapia has travelled significantly less food miles. But above all, it tastes great and is one of the most versatile of fish. Available as whole fish or as fillets, tilapia can be baked, fried or grilled and complements a wide variety of flavours and cuisines. This is just one of the reasons why we believe demand for our British tilapia is going from strength to strength across both retail and food service.

Adam Whittle from the Billingsgate Seafood School outlined why The Fish Company has been asked to present on the 21 November. The day is very much a celebration of the fantastic work being done by many seafood businesses like The Fish Company, to produce fish as sustainably as possible. Each of the six species that are being championed on the day will be tasted by the attendees, who will then vote for the seafood they think is the best for sustainability. However whilst there can only be one overall winner of The Billingsgate School Sustainable Fish and Shellfish Award, in reality all those taking part are excellent examples of sustainable seafood production.

The Fish Companys tilapia are not hormone treated and are reared in bespoke closed recirculation systems which help prevent disease and the need for antibiotics. The company is also fully committed to the very highest standards of animal welfare and follow agreed UK protocols.

British tilapia is currently available through Morrisons, selected Billingsgate traders, M&J Seafoods and direct from The Fish Company. From January 2013 it will also be available from Tesco stores too.