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Big Propspects for Fish Farming if Pollution Controlled

PAKISTAN - Dr. Muhammad Ayub, Director-General of Punjab Fisheries says fish farming is poised to expand as a result of the two percent mark-up provision of soft loans to small farmers.

He said that prospects to build the regions fish farming industry were promising and his department has proposed operating 14 hatcheries and 29 nursery units to supply seed stock to farmers. More than 70 hatcheries are also functioning in the private sector, so there are abundant resources for swift development.

At a departmental earlier this week, Dr. Ayub also noted the regrettable pollution factors affecting fish production in the region.

It is thought that untreated toxic effluents, released into rivers and canals by factories and industrial units were hampering the fish production in natural waters. As a result fish production had decreased in many of the provinces streams - a deficit which he said could now be addressed through fish farming.