B.C.'s tasty salmon debate

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
9 April 2007, at 1:00am

VICTORIA - Fresh or frozen, farmed or wild, Pacific or Atlantic -- nearly every British Columbian has an opinion and is sure they know the difference.

Now a leading salmon scientist will try to settle the debate about salmon species and quality with a taste test at an international food conference at the University of Victoria.

Gourmets and food scientists from across the United States and Canada will join members of the Victoria public for a blind testing of frozen-at-sea wild B.C. salmon versus fresh Atlantic salmon farmed in B.C. waters.

Both will be prepared on the barbecue by conference chair John Volpe, a professor of environmental studies at University of Victoria, a leading researcher on the effects of salmon farming on wild stocks and, in a previous life, a gourmet chef.

The point of the exercise is to compare the taste of wild versus farmed salmon and to expose the taste-testers to the other raging debate about salmon in B.C.: whether the two fisheries can remain viable and continue to co-exist.

Source: Globe and Mail