Baltic Salmon Finally Gets Management Plan

26 November 2012, at 12:00am

EU - The European Parliament has adopted a multiannual plan for salmon in the Baltic Sea, which applies stricter control and enforcement measures.

Baltic salmon has suffered years of mismanagement through sporadic measures, such as closed seasons and annual total allowable catches (TAC) set in total disregard of scientific advice, and is now listed as declining and/or threatened in the Baltic Sea area.

Oceana is pleased with some of the measures in place, but disappointed that the plan does not go far enough with regards to mixed salmon populations and minimum landing size.

Adopting this management plan is an important step towards restoring the status of the Baltic Sea salmon, which is threatened throughout the region, with some populations in extremely bad shape, stated Hanna Paulomaki, Baltic Sea Project Manager.

Unfortunately the plan doesnt go as far as we would have wanted, and some crucial issues, like banning the fishing of mixed populations and establishing a common minimum landing size for salmon and sea trout, were left completely out. On the other hand, we are pleased to see that recreational fisheries will be better managed with this plan.

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