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Bacteria-resistant fish developed

BHUBANESWAR, INDIA - Scientists of the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture have developed jayanti rohu, a fish which grows faster and is also innately resistant to aeromoniasis, a common bacterial disease.

A team of scientists comprising Dr (Mrs) Kanta Das Mohapatra and Dr Pramod Kumar Sahoo, had embarked on the project three years back to develop a variety with is resistant to the bacterial disease which is common and has caused much economic loss to fish farmers.

As of now, no permanent solution is available to prevent or control this disease anywhere in the world. Under this project, one generation of selection for disease resistance has been completed with encouraging results, said CIFA sources.

The jayanti rohu, is recording 17 per cent more growth per generation. It is being disseminated to farmers through private and public hatcheries with close monitoring by the institute. It is giving better economic returns and thereby becoming popular among the growers, said Dr N Sarangi, director of the CIFA. He lauded the contribution made by collaborating scientists from Norway.

The endeavour made under this project aims at improving further the quality of fish seed which is the prime requirement to achieve the higher targeted production.

Source: The Statesman