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Australia's Fishermen Highlighted as True Conservationists

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AUSTRALIA - The South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association (SETFIA) met with the Leader of the Federal Opposition, Mr Tony Abbott yesterday at the Melbourne Seafood Centre (the Melbourne Fish Market).

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In a press conference that followed Mr Abbtot summarised the state of Australias fisheries perfectly. In response to a question about marine parks he stated: Australia's fisheries are the best managed fisheries in the world. The Australian fishing industry is the most environmentally responsible fishing industry in the world. The last thing that the fishermen of Australia want to do is to destroy the environment that provides them with a living

the fishermen, the farmers, the foresters of Australia are our true conservationists. They are the people who want to protect the environment that they depend upon, the environment that they want to provide a living to them, their children and their grandchildren.

Mr Simon Boag, SETFIAs CEO states: Australian consumers should be very proud about the state of Australian fisheries. If they wish to make a sustainable seafood choice all they need to do is to buy Australian. He added, Fisheries management in Australia have been ranked fourth in the world.

With regard to marine parks Mr Boag stated: There have been 13 marine parks in south-east Australia for many years. The presence of these parks has not improved catch rates or stocks in the fishery at all. Both were in good shape before marine parks and remain so after them.