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Asian Aquaculture Network Workshop

INDIA - Recognising the importance of India aquaculture, Asian Aquaculture Network (AAN), a Singapore based organisation, organised Asian Aquaculture Network Exhibition & Workshop (AANEW 2010), from 3 to 5 September in Vijayawada, India.

The workshop was backed by the National Fisheries Development Board of India (NFDB), and Department of Fisheries, an Andhra Pradesh agency for handling aquaculture development in the state, Central Institute of BrackrishWater Aquaculture (CIBA) and MPEDA a government body.

The opening of the ceremony was inaugurated by CEO of NFDB, Dr. P. Krishnaih, from NFDB & Dr. Farshad Shishechian, President and Founder of Asian Aquaculture Network, Mr.U.K.V.Raju , the chairman of Ananda Group, Mr.Ravi Yellanki from Vaishakhi Bioresources and Dr.Manoj Sharma from Mayank Aquaculture.

On the first day of the event, farmers, hatchery owners and business owners, managers, directors of different states and regions involved in shrimp and fish aquaculture, feed, feed additive and ingredient manufacturers, suppliers of vaccines and health products, hatchery products/ breeding farms, seafood processors/ importers/ exporters, water quality management products, equipment, visited the exhibition and met from both local and international company representatives such as APC, Kemin & Biostadt, Synergy, Uno feeds, Aqua Optima, Vaishakhi Bio Resources, Godrej Gold Coin, Neospark Company Limited, world aquaculture society (WAS), Biomin, Synergy, IB Feeds, Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, Pixie consulting, Growell, NFDB, IB Feeds, & American Soyabean Association(ASA) to promote awareness among shrimp and fish farmers about productivity and sustainability and their companies vast Indian market too.

Simultaneously, during exhibition, a workshop was also organized on 3rd & 4th September in another hall. Dr. Manoj Sharma, from Mayank Aquaculture Gujarat, has presented a simplified technique of shrimp farming through his presentation "Practical tips to Successful shrimp farming" and many tips to learn from successful model of shrimp farming in Surat city in Gujarat state. Dr.Ravi from Vaisakhi Hatcheries also spoke about valuable knowledge of Vannamei domestication in India market.

Dr. Partha, From Biostadt gave a presentation on application of Probiotics and its mode of Action & Dr. Pedro of Biomin, Singapore provided information on Probiotics in Aquaculture, Do they work?",The farmers learned a lot from usage of Probiotics and its benefits in aquaculture and answered their queries.

Dr. A Venkateswara Rao from Neospark and Dr. Rajalekshmi.M from Kemin presented about Bioremediation and Controlling of Algal Bloom, respectively. Dr.Orapint from Thailand presented concentrated knowledge on Pangasius and Vannamei Nutrition. Dr.Jonathan from the Philippines has brought practical information on how to culture milkfish and asian seabass.

The innovative technology of Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) was presented by Dr.Frederic Gaumet from AquaOptima, Norway. Dr. C. Mohanakumaran focused his presentation on what are the next moves for fresh water prawn culture.

Mr. Bollu Veeraragavaya from Vijayawada city, a farmer who won the best farming practice award of the year, during his visit he mentioned this kind of event should be organised more frequently and all farmers should attend this event.

A complementary cocktail dinner was organised for the exhibitors and participants to interact and to build networking in a relaxing yet dynamic environment and to promote Asian Aquaculture Network mission of creating network within aquaculture professional.

This event was the first of its kind in India and the first event organised by Asian Aquaculture network in India with supports from the government, private international companies as well as domestic companies. Dr. Krishnaiah showed confidence in Indian fish farmers and hatchery in the region and aquaculture contribution to the development for economy of the region and transforming the life of the farmers.