Aquaculture task force call to sort, tighten regulations

US - Assemblymen Jeff Van Drew and Nelson Albano announced Tuesday a legislation proposal they are introducing that would create an Assembly Task Force on Saltwater Fisheries and Aquaculture in New Jersey. </b> <br><br> According to a press release, the task force would &quot;consolidate the many fragmented initiatives, facilities and laws throughout the state to form a cohesive focused plan that would make aquaculture a thriving industry in Southern New Jersey.&quot; <br><br> According to the release, within six months of its organization the task force would be required to issue a report of its findings and conclusions, together with recommendations for legislative and regulatory action, to the Speaker of the General Assembly. <br><br> The task force would be composed of 14 members, including four members of the General Assembly, as well as representatives of various interest groups, academics and a representative from the Marine Fisheries Council, according to the release. <br><br> <i>Source:</i>

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