Aquaculture misunderstood: MLA

CANADA - Nanaimo-Parksville MLA Ron Cantelon says polarization around aquaculture is often based on misunderstanding of the fish farming industry. </b> <br><br> &quot;I&#39;d say there&#39;s a lot of hangover from the early days of fish farming that we still need to overcome,&quot; Cantelon said after winding down a month of public hearings on aquaculture sustainability. <br><br> The vice-chairman of the provincial Special Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture, Cantelon has been touring coastal communities to gather information on the future direction of aquaculture, now worth more than $500 million a year in B.C. <br><br> His committee has taken its share of flak in places like Port Hardy, Alert Bay, Sointula and Prince Rupert. <br><br> Many commercial fishermen see farmed Atlantic salmon as one more threat to an ever-shrinking industry. First Nations worry about fish farming waste hurting clam beds. Environmentalists say escapements and sea lice from farmed Atlantic salmon decimate wild salmon stocks. <br><br> <i>Source: Nanaimo News Bulletin </i>

the Fish Site Editor

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