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Aquaculture Heart Of Reform In Scottish Parliment


UK - Plans for increased focus on aquaculture were included in a debate on reform proposals for the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in the Scottish Parliament.

In his introductory motion, the Cabinet Secretary responsible for fisheries, Richard Lochhead MSP, urged the Parliament to support Scotlands aquaculture industry without burdening it with unnecessary regulation.

Noting that Scotland has a well-deserved reputation for producing healthy and high-quality farmed fish and shellfish the Cabinet Secretary, and supporting MSPs, cited the importance of Scottish aquaculture as a thriving industry, of huge value to the economy, and a vital source of healthy protein for the worlds population.

Considering proposals for creation of an aquaculture Advisory Group to take the project forward, Alex Fergusson, MSP, counselled that Scotland must have a lead role to play in that advisory group, given the pre-eminence of our aquaculture industry.