Aquaculture Europe 2007 to be hosted by Turkey

TURKEY - Aquaculture Europe 2007 is the first of the new format Aquaculture Europe events, that will combine a scientific conference with an exhibition.

The interface between these two main features – the industry forum - will be filled by special events, including an industry day or ‘farmers day’, workshops for industry and the AE2007 student forum. As always, various social events will be a part of the Aquaculture Europe meeting.

The conference theme "Competing claims" addresses the various levels of competition that aquaculture faces at present, but upon which its future development will depend. "Claims" exist from other stakeholders with respect to physical space, investment and other finances, resources (e.g. for feed raw materials and water resources), technology and others.

Organized by the European Aquaculture Society in cooperation with Eurasia Trade Fairs and Future Fish Eurasia 2007 and Hosted by the Turkish Federation of Aquaculture & Fisheries.

October 24-27, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey.

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