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Aqua Des Achieves DEFRA Accreditation

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UK - The UK accreditation of a disinfectant for use by health professionals and fish farmers has been welcomed by Aqua Des, a leading supplier to the Scottish aquaculture industry.

Such independent verification of efficacy provides fish health professionals, regulators and auditors alike with their required level of assurance, and we are therefore proud to support the recommendations of the Code of Good Practice. The efficient application of Aqua Des promotes the maintenance of good health and welfare, said Neil Crawford of Aquatic Hygiene.

He continued: Environmental legislation and standards for disinfection are very demanding and our product has passed all the stringent test criteria. Of particular interest to the Scottish marine aquaculture sector is Aqua Dess ability to be diluted in seawater without loss of efficacy."

"The powerful oxidiser naturally breaks down to oxygen, water and carbon dioxide and this powerful environmental benefit greatly assists our customers with their SEPA Permitted Substances Work Plan applications.

With this new disinfection capability Aquatic Hygiene customers are achieving excellent results throughout their farming operations including traditionally hard to clean areas such as pipelines.

Nathan Moreland said: Providing customers with highly effective solutions in an environmentally sustainable manner is personally very satisfying, particularly when an initially sceptical user first sees their improved results coming through the system.

Safe and cost effective transportation to all remote areas of farming activity is a key consideration. Aqua Des is available direct from MacGregor Industrial Supplies, whilst Aquatic Hygiene is always pleased to meet customer specific requirements for alternative distribution arrangements.