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APEC To Debate Ocean Conservation

PERU - Next week in Peru, ministers from countries which are part of the Forum for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) will begin a debate on the conservation of oceans for food security.

During 11 and 12 October, attendees will participate in a meeting titled 'Healthy oceans and fisheries management for food security', to be held in the city of Paracas, in the southern region of Ica.

The head of the Ministry of Production (Produce), Jorge Villasante, confirmed that 16 of the 31 ministers who were invited will be attending, and noted that, among other topics, the meeting will discuss:

  • food security
  • protection of the marine environment
  • promoting free trade
  • the impact of climate change on the oceans;
  • the conservation of endangered species in the Pacific as a result of climate change.