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Analysis Of Drug Residues & Undesirable Substances


NORWAY - National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) has analysed the content of drug residues and other undesirable substances in farmed fish. No residues of illegal drugs were found in samples of farmed fish, and the level of approved drugs and other undesirable substances was below internationally accepted limits in all species of farmed fish investigated.

On behalf of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, NIFES has, under its surveillance programme for monitoring undesirable substances in farmed fish, examined the level of illegal drug residues, legally used veterinary medicines and other undesirable substances in Norwegian farmed fish.

The following species were included in the surveillance programme: salmon, trout, rainbow trout, Arctic char, turbot, halibut, cod and pollack. The analyses were done on individual or pooled samples of a total of 12676 farmed fish harvested in 2009.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority was responsible for the sampling plan and the collection of samples. Samples harvested in 2009 from an extended monitoring of delousing agents in farmed fish are also included in this report.

Samples of fillets of farmed fish were taken on site by official inspectors and analysed for residues of illegal drugs. As in previous years, there were no findings of illegal drug residues in the samples of farmed fish analysed.

The full report can be downloaded here.