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An aquaculture deal with geopolitical significance

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Aqua Bridge has announced plans to build an aquaculture equipment factory in UAE as a joint venture with Aqua Green Israel.

by Senior editor, The Fish Site
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Aqua Bridge recently upgraded Saudi Arabia's first seabass and sea bream hatchery

When completed it will be the country's first factory for the production of recirculation aquaculture system (RAS) equipment and aims to cater for the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market.

The agreement follows in the wake of the Abraham Peace Accords, which were signed between Israel, UAE and Bahrain on 15 September in Washington DC. It is the first deal in the aquaculture sector between the two countries after the normalisation of relations.

“We earnestly feel that this information will increase the optimism in the aquaculture industry worldwide on international cooperation and ventures between companies which transcends borders and politics,” a spokesperson for Aqua Bridge told The Fish Site.

The company, whose recent projects included upgrading - and taking over the running of - the first sea bass and sea bream hatchery in Saudi Arabia, is also convinced of the value of the agreement in terms of developing a viable aquaculture sector in the UAE.

“Aqua Bridge is confident that this development will enhance the innovation in the aquaculture sector in the UAE in the coming years, by bringing patented technologies such as zero discharge-RAS to the UAE which will increase the production efficiency and the sustainability of land-based aquaculture in the country," said the company in a press release.