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AIT And AAN Announce Collaboration

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
18 March 2011, at 12:00am

ASIA - The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and the Asian Aquaculture Network (AAN) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. In this collaboration, both parties are looking to share their knowledge of aquaculture practices and techonology in Asia.

Dr Farshad Shishehchian, AAN President, said the collaboration will provide a practical knowledge platform for aquaculture practices and technology in Asia. “Asia is the biggest player in the area of aquaculture and the scene of the largest aquaculture production”.

He stated that AIT and AAN will jointly engage in organizing training programs and certification. “In 10 years, the aquaculture industry will be one of the most important animal food sectors, and this suggests the need for training,” he added.

Describing AIT as a “very strong brand name in Asia,” Dr Farshad said AIT has a strong reputation for academic in Asia, and hence it is a perfect place for offering extension programmes.

The AIT President stated that the institute will focus on promoting sustainable practices in aquaculture. “AIT is committed to capacity building and this collaboration is important since it focuses both on capacity building as well as sustainability,” he added. Aquaculture is an important issue and AIT hopes to significantly contribute in aquaculture development in Asia, Prof. Irandoust added.

The AIT & AAN Aquaculture Extension Program focuses on practical, hands-on knowledge, current industry issues, and innovative technologies in aquaculture. The programs such as Recalculating Aquaculture System (RAS) – the future of aqua farming, White Shrimp (P. vannamei) Farming – challenges and best practices,and Safety and Biosecurity in Aquaculture and Aqua Food Products will be announced soon.

For more information about the program, please visit our website or send an email to info@asianaquaculturenetwork.com Website: www.asianaquaculturenetwork.com, www.extension.ait.ac.th

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is a leading regional postgraduate institution and actively works with public and private sector partners throughout the region and with some of the top universities in the world.

Asian Aquaculture Network (AAN) is a regional professional network of communication, knowledge and sharing practical technical information about aquaculture.

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