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Advice of Water Saving for Seafood Processors

UK - Seafood processors can now get help from the UK Sea Fish Industry Authority, Seafish, over how to save water and cut waste water production.

The advice on two posters forms a reminder of how the simplest changes can make a big difference.

Seafish highlights six golden rules on how processors can save money.

Seafish said that fish processing can use a considerable amount of clean water, which after being used in seafood processing, is then discharged as high strength effluent. Simple measures to save water include measuring and monitoring how much water is used, turning the water off when not in use, fixing leaks quickly and properly maintaining equipment such as hoses and taps.

By making simple changes, such as keeping waste and trimmings out of water wherever possible, keeping waste off the floor and not letting waste down the drain, the costs of waste water can also be reduced, the authority said.

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