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Abalone Infected With Xenohaliotis Californiensis

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JAPAN - Dr Toshiro Kawashima, from the Japaense Ministry Of Agriculture has announced that a case of Xenohaliotis californiensis has been found on a farm breeding Japanese abalone.

The outbreak, which has been resolved, affected 33 per cent of the farms Japanese abalone stock (6,600).

In total, 13,400 abalone have been culled to contain the disease.

Xenohaliotis californiensis is an intracellular bacterium that may infect the gastrointestinal epithelium of a number of abalone species. Susceptibility to the associated disease, withering syndrome of abalone due to Xenohaliotis californiensis, varies but significant mortality may occur in affected populations.

Gross signs of the disease include pedal atrophy, mottled digestive gland, anorexia, weakness, and lethargy.