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A Welcome Fisheries Plan in Canada

CANADA - Representatives of the aquaculture industry and the traditional fishery say the province was "right on the money" with the goals outlined in a fisheries renewal action plan released this week.

Now Tony Hooper, director of resourcing for Connors Bros. Ltd., and Jean Lamontagne, vice-president of marketing for Cooke Aquaculture, are waiting it out to see if the goals will become reality, reports the Telegraph Journal.

The news agency says that on Tuesday, Fisheries Minister Rick Doucet announced the province will focus on five goals over the next year to transform the industry.

The goals include creating a reputation of high-quality products and a sustainable fishery; market-driven and diverse enterprises; the adoption of new technologies and innovation; sustainability of coastal communities, and working together to manage the province's fishery as one unit.

Doucet said the province will back up its plan by adding $1 million to the fisheries department's budget, half of which will be spent on marketing and market intelligence.

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