A hot Southern dish: Creole fried catfish

US - As &quot;Catfish Capes,&quot; Frank Caples Jr. travels 50,000 miles every summer preparing fried catfish platters at festivals around the country. </b> <br><br> This year, the Minnesota entrepreneur plans to bring his 18-foot mobile kitchen to 40 events, including Baltimore&#39;s African American Heritage Festival, which takes place this weekend at Camden Yards. <br><br> Caples&#39; recipes for fried catfish and Creole seasoning mix are carefully guarded secrets. But he eagerly shares their inspiration: &quot;I grew up in Chicago and St. Paul, but my grandmother grew up in New Orleans. From staying with her and eating her food, you know, I developed a love for Creole food.&quot; <br><br> Throughout the Deep South, catfish aquaculture has grown into a major industry. According to the Catfish Institute, catfish farms in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi produced 600 million pounds of catfish in 2005. <br><br> <i>Source: Baltimore Sun</i>

the Fish Site Editor

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