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A Code of Practice for Prince Edward Island

CANADA - A new aquaculture Code of Practice has been released on Canada's Prince Edward Island allowing people to work together in order to identify and control situations or hazards that could cause harm.

According to the report the aquaculture industry on Prince Edward Island is a diverse workplace with multiple worksites – indoors, on the water and on the ice. Because of this, many situations in the workplace have the potential to cause serious injury or death.

"Aquaculture operation owners must take seriously their responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. The loss of workers due to accident and injury can pose serious down-time, require training of new and in-experienced workers, increase Workers Compensation rates and pose legal liabilities. While the presence of a well thought-out risk management strategy might not prevent all accidents from occurring, it will assist in the demonstration of due diligence", says the report.

The Prince Edward Island Aquaculture Occupational Health and Safety Code of Practice is only one of many tools available to assist mussel, oyster and finfish growers to protect themselves, their workers and their property. Equipment and machinery manufacturers and chemical suppliers provide manuals and safety sheets.

These materials, along with the PEI Aquaculture Code of Practice, aim to identify the hazards and specify the precautions that need to be taken for the safe operation of equipment and tools and the safe handling of substances (fuel, chemicals, and antibiotics).

Further Reading

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