2011 Guide Prices for Fisheries Products

The Fish Site
by The Fish Site
2 December 2010, at 12:00am

EU - The European Commission has tabled its annual proposal on next years guide prices for fresh and frozen fisheries products as well as the EU producer price for tuna for processing.

The market for fisheries products appears to be recovering, following the dramatic drops in first-sale prices in 2009. However, demand is held back by cautious consumers and increased import prices.

Prices for most whitefish species have yet to make up for last year’s significant drop.

The Commission therefore proposes decreases of between –1% and –3 % for most whitefish species, with the exception of redfish, saithe and sole, for which increases of between 1.5 % and 3 % are proposed.

Pelagic species and frozen fish appear to be less affected by the economic situation due to their cheaper prices.

Pelagic species: The Commission proposes increases of between 1 % and 2 % for mackerel, Spanish mackerel and whole albacore, and decreases of between –0.1 % and –2 % for herring, sardines, anchovy and gutted albacore.

Frozen fish: The Commission proposes increases of between 1 % and 2 % for hake, swordfish and Illex, and reductions of between –1 % and –3 % for sea bream, squids and prawns.

The market for tuna deteriorated dramatically in 2009 and prices have not yet caught up.

The Commission therefore proposes to decrease the Community producer price for yellowfin tuna by –2 %. The proposed guide prices are based on Member States' average market prices over the previous three years.

Other important factors also taken into account include trends in production and market demand, the interests of consumers and the need to avoid withdrawals of fisheries products from the market.

For full details of the Commission's proposal, see table at