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15 Billion Rials of facilities to the cold-water fish growers

IRAN - During the first half of current year 15 Billion Rials of monetary facilities has been paid to the cold-water fish growers of the province Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari.

This amount of facilities has been paid from the location of quick return economic agencies as capital and working capital, said Ismail Pir Ali the Head of Fishery and Aquatics of the province Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari.

“The average weight of each child fish varies from 35 to 60 Grams,” he added, referring to the 160 Thousand warm-water child fish left in the province’s agricultural dikes in this period of time.

“12 utilization licenses with the capacity of 366 Tons have been issued for creating fish farms,” he added, announcing from issuance of 34 licenses for fish growing with a capacity of One Thousand 202 Tons in this period of time

Source: Iranian News Agency

Filed as: Asia Iran