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ZIMBABWE - Small scale fish farmers in Zimbabwe are being urged to invest in their practices in order to make aquaculture a year long profitable venture.

According to Chronicle, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority public relations manager, Ms Olivia Mufute told Business Chronicle that fish were an economic source of relish that families could rely on as a substitute to beef, which had become expensive.

Fish harvesting takes between six and nine months.

“Fish farming projects can be done throughout the country provided the areas have adequate clean water. It is also advisable for farmers to build several large fish ponds at the farms. It is also imperative for them (farmers) to have enough capital to successfully execute the project.”

For technical expertise, Ms Mufute said the farmers could approach specialist aquatic ecologists in fishery from either AREX or ZPWMA.

“As a parks and wildlife management authority, we provide free fishery advice, harvesting regime, and expertise on the type of infrastructure to erect, among others,” Ms Mufute told Chronicle.

She also urged the farmers who feed fish with chicken feed to be wary of diseases that emanate as a result of decomposition of feed suspended in water.

“Some farmers feed their fish with chicken feed but the danger is that if the feeds remain suspended in water for long, they decompose habouring diseases,” she said.

The farmers were also challenged to buy hormones used to separate fish species in order to increase productivity, reports Chronicle.