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Yemen, EU Discuss a New Fish Strategy


YEMEN - Yemen's Minister of Fisheries, Mohammed Shamlan, met with a European Union panel over the weekend to discuss important provisions for setting up a new fish strategy.

According to YemenNewsAgency (SADA), the referential conditions of the strategy include the goals, technical specifications, and expected outcomes of the strategy implementation as well as the steps to be accomplished by the European team during the strategy's preparation phases.

In the meeting, Shamlan made it clear that the fish sector's national strategy comes within the government's plan for 2009, affirming the necessity of presenting the total facilities for the team via providing the needful and complete data about the current status of the sector, says SADA.

Shamlan urged the team to rely on a modern scientific method when preparing the strategy referential provisions.

He stressed that the strategy should include a real map for the investment and fish aquaculture along the seacoast and controlling the information flux from the fishing centers so as to enable the decision makers to take actions and drawing the plans and programs of the fish sector.